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Multiply map coordinates by

How does it work?

1. Search

Choose your target coordinate system

1. Select

If your map contains shortened coordinates, Please choose the correct value to mutiply by to match the real coordinates

2. Upload

Drag & drop your image

3. Process

Wait a couple of minutes for the image to be georeferenced

4. Download

Download the georeferenced image, then open it in a GIS software

Fully Automatic is the only platform to offer fully automatic georeferencing of scanned maps based on cutting edge technologies and AI.


You can easily upload your map and get your georeferenced map within a couple of minutes! Forget the hurdle of tieing several points to real coordinates. 
You can georeference your maps using either geographic or projected coordinates if the map contains them both.


Our advanced AI algorithms were developped to ensure high quality georeferencing.

Data Privacy

This service ensures the privacy of the data used across the platform.

Experimental is in its experimental stage, the georeferencing might be off in some cases, but we are working to improve our service everyday, and we count on your feedback as well! (The service is limited to map images with a max size of 10 MB).

For more features, Contact us!

For batch georeferencing, georeferencing large maps, or any custom request please contact us.


This service have been used for many scanned maps, you will find below some examples.


Please provide your feedback after reviewing your georeferenced image: